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MetaPsyche Members already include:

Psychedelic Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Counsellors, Neuroscientists,

Mental Health Nurses and Drug Reform Activists. 


MetaPsyche Topics include:

Psychedelics: Therapy, Research, History, Philosophy, Ethics, Legalities.

Neuroscience, Ancient Wisdom, Lucid/Social Dreaming, Intuition, Hypnosis, Spirituality, Mental Health, Near Death Experiences, Shared Death Experiences, Music, Meditation, Yoga and Breathwork. 

Additional Membership Information: 

If you are looking for a community which is passionate about human consciousness expansion through various modalities including psychedelic experiences – you are part of our tribe :) 


Psyche Safari Bookclub

DATE: September 6th, 7:30-9pm (UK time)

Under the umbrella of the BPA, the book club grew to over 700 members (with over 500 on Facebook). We have enjoyed amazing meetings with prominent authors such as Brian Muraresku, Jerry and Julie Brown and Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes.

The book club will now be incorporated into the MetaPsyche community.

Workshops & Panel Discussions in August 2021

Panel Discussion: 

DATE: August 25th, 7:30-9pm (UK time)

Drugs and Psychedelics in Scotland 

The BPA is focusing on developing a model for the legalisation of psychedelic therapy in Scotland. This model could then be reproduced throughout the UK. 

To begin this conversation, we are holding a panel discussion, and BPA members are invited to attend. 

The panel will be hosted by Diane Elliott and John Anderson from the BPA and guests will include:

Neil Woods 

Neil is a former UK police officer and undercover drugs operative. Now he’s an active member of the international drug policy reform movement. He worked undercover between 1993 and 2007 befriending and gaining the trust of some of the most violent, unpredictable criminals in Britain. With the insight that can only come from having fought on its front lines, Neil came to see the true futility of the War on Drugs - that it demonises those who need help, and empowers the very worst elements in society. 

Neil is a board member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)in the USA, and in the U.K. (LEAP UK). Neil's website is here.

Annmarie Ward

Annemarie is the founder of Faces & Voices of Recovery (FAVOR). The aim of the charity is to be a policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access.

In a previous life, Annemarie had addictions to various substances, but has now celebrated 23 years of complete abstinence from all mind and mood altering substances.

FAVOR website is here. 


Dr Lauren Macdonald

Lauren takes a holistic approach to health, combining integrative medicine, mind-body practices and plant-based therapies to help maximise a person's capacity for healing, resilience and vitality.  She transitioned to working in the emerging field of Integrative Medicine after her own health crisis - a stage IV cancer diagnosis.

Read Lauren's personal story and listen to her podcasts, including one with David Nutt on her website here.


Dr James Hawkins 

James works as an independent integrative psychotherapist with an interest in both helping to decrease distress and also increase wellbeing. He is intrigued & hopeful about the increasing evidence that psychedelics can be helpful in a range of difficult-to-treat problems including trauma & addictions. 

James leads the Psychedelic Health Professionals Network, their website is here



Dr Jake Hawthorn

Jake is a psychiatrist currently working as a specialty doctor in addictions and general adult psychiatry. He will be starting a clinical research project in the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in Scotland, and hopes to contribute to bringing the safe and therapeutic use of psychedelics back into practice. Jake is a founder of The Scottish Psychedelic Research Group, their website can be found here




Robert Laurie 

Robert is an international lawyer, qualified in England at the University of Oxford and is currently president of Ad Lucem Law Corporation in Vancouver. His legal practice focuses regulatory issues surrounding cannabis and psychedelic plant medicines. 

Robert serves as a Board Advisor to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada and Steve DeAngelo’s Last Prisoner Project.

He is a legal advisor to the Heroic Hearts Project, a founder of the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy, and a director with the Ecuador Amazon Restoration Project.


DATE: August 11th 7-9pm (UK time)

Stan Grof's Map of the Mind

Presentation by Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Psychology at Northern Illinois University, where he has taught courses on transpersonal, mind-body, psychedelic, and consciousness topics. Also author of MindApps: Multistate Theory and Tools for Mind Design 

Rick Doblin had this to say about the book:

In this book, Roberts explores a new paradigm for how we see the human mind, and the tools we use as ideagens, or idea generators. This novel approach to how we can approach ideas is an enlightening and enjoyable journey to read.


Thomas will present Stan Grof's Map of the Mind, illustrating a largely unknown way to use psychedelic ideas in cultural and artistic psychocriticism.

DATE: August 18th 7-9pm (UK time)

Experiences of a Legal Psychedelic Therapist 

Listen to a therapist from the Netherlands talk about the legalities of truffles and his experiences of working with clients. Bring your questions :)

The Certificate in States of Expanded Consciousness (CSEC)

The BPA CSEC Professional Certification programme:  January - September 2022.

The CSEC programme is designed for those who would like to explore expanded conscious states, including psychedelic experiences, to deepen understanding in order to elevate their integration work with clients.  Most people who undergo an expansion of consciousness experience, including a psychedelic experience, will usually have many existential questions, about life and death. In order to meet those enquires, it will be helpful for a therapist to have gained philosophical awareness and to have developed a specific skillset. Therefore, the course will  be separated into two parts. 

CSCE Part I will include: Consciousness, Mystical Experiences, Spirituality, Religion, Ancient Wisdom, Lucid Dreams, Intuition, and Near-Death/Shared Death Experiences.

CSEC Part II will explore psychedelics and: History, Philosophy, Current Research, Ethics, Legalities, Music and Meditation. Part II will also provide a Psychedelic Therapy module, which will include direct online instruction from a legal psychedelic therapist, based in the Netherlands. He will be sharing his experiences of working with clients. The Psychedelic Therapy module will also offer an optional 3-day visit to the Netherlands next year.  

The CSEC course is a foundational programme, the BPA will then offer Psychedelic Facilitator Training to participants who have completed CSEC I & II. This training would begin in September 2022.

The BPA's objective is to make consciousness and psychedelic education as affordable as possible and BPA General Members will receive a 50% discount.

The costs of the CSEC programme are as follows: 


Fundamentals of Consciousness, January - April 2022:

£1200.00 or £600.00 for BPA members (payable monthly).


Foundational Psychedelics, May - September 2022:

£1800.00 or £900.00 for BPA members (payable monthly).

(Does not include costs of optional visit to the Netherlands).

The CSEC Part I and II can be undertaken as separate stand-alone courses or together as part of a foundational programme leading to Psychedelic Facilitator Training in 2022. 

BPA Professional Membership

BPA General Members will be eligible to apply for Professional Membership later this year. The BPA have developed a unique and rigorous Code of Ethics for professionals. An interview with BPA board members took place last month, here are a few quotes from the transcript: 


Because we anticipate counsellors and psychotherapists will want to use psilocybin mushrooms in their professional work, assuming that it becomes a legalised practice in the UK, we require a code of ethics that explicitly sets out how we would expect practitioners to behave in such contexts. This also lets clients know what they can expect from practitioners. 

We should also consider the possible scenario of clients undertaking a psychedelic experience in countries where the practice is legal and then returning to the UK and looking to work with a practitioner to integrate the experience. The CoE would offer those practitioners a framework of standards to adhere to. 


With regard to psychedelics, we want the current prohibition to change, we are trying to demonstrate that this process is safe, that there are responsible people, and the substances can be reintroduced without the doomsday scenarios that some people are imagining. And that there is nothing wrong with this, it isn’t shameful or bad and it shouldn’t be hidden. There is this part of me that thinks we have to stick our necks above the parapet at some time and this is one way of gently putting this out there into the world to say this is happening, regardless of the prohibiting laws. And we just want to make sure it is happening in a way that is as safe, responsible, caring and meaningful as possible. 


If we achieve our aims with this document, then we will have provided a transparent basis to build community of professional practitioners, whose common interest is working with non-ordinary or expanded states of consciousness.


MetaPsyche Online Community

All of this amazing activity needs a place to exist, and up to now, it has not been possible for our community to fully engage with each other and to keep up with developments. That’s why we are delighted to be bringing everything together under one roof in the MetaPsyche Space. We want to invite national and international people in, who will value being part of a vibrant community, and who want to contribute to the growth and success of the BPA.  In return, we will help you to reach your full potential by offering a chance to build friendships, professional connections and undertake exciting learning opportunities. 

We have decided to limit the number of members to 500 in order to keep the space as intimate as possible.

All of this good work will take much hard work, and we want to create financial security for the BPA to enable the continued growth and success of the community, so we are humbly requesting a monthly contribution of £20.00 from you. 


Hope to see you in the MetaPsyche Space soon!


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